News from Heritage of Elmwood – Bingo Champions

On Saturday afternoon our residents enjoyed a game of bingo. After supper, we relaxed with lounge and TV time.

Sunday morning we had Faith Services for our residents and any family who wanted to join in. We had a relaxed Sunday afternoon with time to visit with fellow residents and family who stopped by.  We wrapped up the day with time to watch TV and unwind in the lounge.

Monday morning, Barb Cepek was here for Bible class. The Blessing letter for the week was the letter C. We would like to thank Barb for volunteering her time! We got our circulation going with exercise group after our Bible class – what fun! In the afternoon, we played Flippo for a while, and in the evening, we played bingo.

Tuesday morning started out with sensory time before we worked into our morning exercises.  In the afternoon residents played bingo with visitors from Rock Elm Methodist.  We would like to thank them for helping out with bingo and furnishing the bingo prizes!

Wednesday morning we were busy baking and sampling our baked goods.  Exercise group followed, which was appropriate after our baking and sampling! In the afternoon, Pastor Freiberg cane by for the Lutheran church service.

Thursday morning, residents appreciated some pampering time with manicures. In the afternoon we enjoyed entertainment with Rudy Rudesill.

Friday morning, we played some Flippo again and then stretched our muscles with exercise group. Father Prince was here for Catholic Mass.  We would like to thank Barb Cepek for helping out with the service! We wrapped up our busy week with some lounge and TV time.

Every day, we make fresh bread on our Main Street wing. It smells so good!

Heritage of Elmwood Nursing Home in Elmwood, Wisconsin is a community-owned long-term care and short-term rehabilitation center.