Heritage 100 Race

We had a great time at the Heritage 100! Thank you to everyone who participated in our fun race event. Watch to see who takes home the prize!

You’re a Hero Here Employee Drawing May 22

We are at it again drawing more winners to receive prizes! We are open to suggestions to keep things exciting for our staff, so let us know if you have any ideas.

Thanks again!

Heritage of Elmwood Launches People First Pillar Initiatives


As a commitment to our People First pillar, Heritage of Elmwood has applied for and secured funding that will allow us to recognize and support our employees financially as we continue to navigate through COVID-19.

***Please note: We DO NOT have a positive COVID case in our communities at this time***5/20/20

Below are our initiatives guaranteed to be paid until 6/13/20. We will continue to keep you aware of other ways to enhance the employee experience and keep our People First pillar top of mind.


Heritage of Elmwood Nursing Home in Elmwood, Wisconsin is a community-owned long-term care and short-term rehabilitation center.

You’re a Hero Here Employee Drawing May 15

We are grateful for all our super employees! Watch the drawing below to see all 6 winners of this week’s drawing!

Update Letter Regarding the Recent Changes in our State

Dear Residents, Tenants, Family and Friends:

This letter provides an update regarding the changes that have occurred recently in our state and let you know how it affects you and your family members.

As you may have already been made aware, as of May 13, 2020, the Governor’s Safer-at-Home Order was struck down by the Wisconsin Supreme Court.  While this may impact how life is lived outside of our building, we want to let you know that we remain committed to maintaining the same level of care and safety for our at-risk residents.

We also want to let you know what has not changed here at FACILITY. We will still be following best practice guidelines for infection prevention as published by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), both of which currently state that facilities should restrict visitation of all visitors and non-essential health care personnel, except for certain compassionate care situations, such as an end-of-life situation. These federal guidelines drive the decisions made for long-term care providers like us, which are intended to help protect the safety and well-being of those we are entrusted to provide care to.

We realize the stress this puts on you and your loved ones and truly do empathize with this situation. We also want to stress our dedication in providing compassionate care and keeping your loved one safe. We look forward to welcoming you back with open arms when we are able to do so without jeopardizing the safety of our residents.

These are not decisions we take lightly, and in the case of CMS regulations and guidance, these are not decisions we can legally deviate from as a Medicare/Medicaid certified facility.

Although in-person visits are still currently restricted, we would like to invite you to take advantage of the virtual visit options that we have already implemented.  This includes Zoom video meetings or Face Time (iPad) visits with those who have Apple brand devices.

We also want to take this opportunity to explain our rationale for allowing “window visits” at our community. Window visits are to allow our residents to “See” their friends and family they are not intended for verbal communication.  Windows should not be open and screens shall not be removed.  Above all there shall be no physical contact or passing of any item through a window.  If you have something you need to get to a resident or tenant contact the staff for assistance.

On behalf of our staff and other residents, we want to thank you for your continued support and understanding during these difficult times. Nearly all Americans are having to make sacrifices during this pandemic; your sacrifices and the sacrifices being made by our residents are exponentially greater and are a reflection of your love and commitment to the safety of your loved one, and the rest of the residents here at our building.

Hopefully, we will be able to expand safe visitation soon so we can welcome you back into our community and see you reunited with your family member. Until that time, your patience, understanding, and support are greatly appreciated.

If we have If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to the program administrator.

We truly are In This Together.

You’re a Hero Here Employee Drawing May 8

We are on the second month of our You’re a Hero Here employee drawing! We think it is important to take the opportunity to honor our staff’s contribution each and every week! Instead of giving out gift cards to the winners, we are now adding the $50 directly to their paychecks.

Watch the drawing here!

You’re a Hero Here Employee Drawing April 30

We are having fun drawing winners for our You’re a Hero Here Employee Drawing. Thank you to all of our team members for your hard work!