Baking Professionals in Progress

April 25th through May 1st

It sure was nice for the weather to be decent enough to get out for a bus ride! We ended up going past the places where a couple of the residents lived in the past. We went by Lorraine Weber’s and Dee Wolf’s place. It always puts smiles on their faces when we go for a drive by places with wonderful memories!

Barb Cepek was here for Bible class on Monday. Our blessing letter for the week was the letter R. We would like to thank Barb for volunteering her time. Rosary was said on Friday, followed by Catholic Mass with Father Prince. Barb Cepek helped out with that service too. Thank You Barb! We would also like to thank Jerri Brunner for saying the Rosary.

During our game time, we played some shaker dice this week. Congratulations to our top winner, Glenn Hammond. Joan Binkowski and Richard Schaffner weren’t too far behind!

Our residents were busy in baking group making homemade fudge in between bars and blueberry muffins this week. Yum!

We played bingo with the visitors from Rock Elm Methodist. We would like to thank them for spending time with us and for furnishing the bingo prizes. We love having visitors!

Throughout the week, we had our daily exercise group. We were busy kicking the ball around and passing it to each other.

Our residents got their feet tapping and were dancing to the music of Rudy Rudesill when he was here this week. We love music!

We celebrated two birthdays this month: Bud Dahling and Gerri Grueger.

Heritage of Elmwood Nursing Home in Elmwood, Wisconsin is a community-owned long-term care and short-term rehabilitation center.