Elementary Visitors & Mardi Gras Day!

We enjoyed a visit from the Elmwood Elementary kindergartners.

Tuesday was Mardi Gras Day. Everyone enjoyed non-alcoholic margaritas and wore fun Mardi Gras necklaces and glasses!

We played Bingo on Tuesday and Saturday, with a game of blackout on Saturday. We also played a game of Shaker Dice, and our winner was Kenneth Bauer!

Pastor Bergenthal was here for Lutheran Church Services.

Pastor Admir was here for Catholic Mass.  A special thanks to Barb Cepek for helping out with the service, and also for volunteering her time to lead Bible Class.  The blessing letter for week is the letter “L”.

Heritage of Elmwood Nursing Home in Elmwood, Wisconsin is a community-owned long-term care and short-term rehabilitation center.