Enjoying the Spring Tease

This week, we took advantage of the first sight of spring weather. We took a scenic bus ride up around Knapp. It was a beautiful ride and it felt good to enjoy the weather.

After our scenic ride, we listened to country music this week and shared our memories that reside with country music. There was plenty of singing, laughing, dancing, and toe tapping.

Bingo was played on Tuesday. We would like to thank the Alter and Rosary Ladies for helping out and furnishing the bingo prizes. Bingo was also played on Saturday with a game of black out following.

Father Prince was here for Catholic Mass.  Thanks to Barb Cepek for helping out with the mass and also for leading Bible Class.

Resident Council meeting was held to discuss the upcoming events and activities for the month of April. It will be here before we know it!

Fun & Fit was offered Monday through Friday. They bounced the ball back and forth, played their musical instruments, did exercises with the noodles, and did some stretches.

A game of shaker dice was played with our top winner being Glenn Hammond. Congratulations Glenn!

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