Fun With Shaker Dice

Pastor Bergenthal was here for Lutheran church service on Thursday along with Father Prince being here on Friday for Catholic Mass.

We would like to thank Barb Cepek for helping out with the Catholic Service and also for volunteering her time to lead Bible class. The blessing letter for the week was the letter “T”.

Shaker dice was played with our top winner being Mary Husby. Another game played this week was Shuffleboard. Our ladies got some pampering done this week with manicures.

Fun & Fit is held Monday through Friday where we kick the ball back and forth, bounce the ball, play instruments to the music, and do stretches to get their days going.

Bingo was played on Tuesday and Saturday with Blackout being played on Saturday. Everyone is a winner!

Residents enjoyed getting visits from family and friends throughout the weekend.

Heritage of Elmwood Nursing Home in Elmwood, Wisconsin is a community-owned long-term care and short-term rehabilitation center.