St. Patrick’s Day & Live Music

What a great week! Elvis Presley (Joe Sir) performed at our building. Everyone was singing and dancing to all of Elvis’s classic songs. We also had Two Frets Up here playing live music, with even more dancing and singing! Musical entertainment is always a good time. Thanks to the Alter and Rosary Ladies for helping out […]


Crafting Cards

We had entertainment with Jim Sexton and Rich Schroeder this week. There was a lot of singing and toe-tapping going on to good music. Pastor Weaver was here for the Methodist church service. We would like to thank Barb Cepek for leading us in Bible Class; the blessing letter for the week was the letter […]


Elementary Visitors & Mardi Gras Day!

We enjoyed a visit from the Elmwood Elementary kindergartners. Tuesday was Mardi Gras Day. Everyone enjoyed non-alcoholic margaritas and wore fun Mardi Gras necklaces and glasses! We played Bingo on Tuesday and Saturday, with a game of blackout on Saturday. We also played a game of Shaker Dice, and our winner was Kenneth Bauer! Pastor Bergenthal […]

margarita glasses on

Margarita Day Celebration!

We enjoyed musical entertainment with John Lynch and celebrated Margarita Day. The residents had a blast enjoying margaritas with special margarita glasses on! Bingo was played on Tuesday and Saturday, with a game of blackout played on Saturday. Residents also enjoyed playing other games throughout the week, such as Flippo and shuffleboard. The residents were […]

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