Residents Enjoy Visit from Second Graders and More

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We had a great week, starting with the Elmwood second-graders coming to visit and read to the residents.003

Barb Cepek was here for Bible Class. Our blessing letter for the week was the letter G. We would like to let Barb know how we appreciate her time to come and volunteer. After Bible class, we were busy getting fit. We kicked the ball around to each other and played catch, followed by some stretches. Later in the afternoon we played shaker dice with our top winners being: Glenn Hammond came in first, Archie Delong got second, and Barb Schneider came in third. Great job! Later after supper we played bingo.

With the weather being so nice we had a chance to get outside for some walks around the building.   005

We held our Resident Council meeting, where we talked about what was going to be happening in the month of May. Our council President is Bea Axelson and Vice President is Archie Delong. The Alter and Rosary ladies came and helped out with bingo this week. We would like to thank them also for furnishing the bingo prizes.004

Our residents were busy working on crafts during the week. They made trees on paper with paint and pop bottles. Also for crafts we had Becky Smith here to make homemade cards. Thank you Becky for doing this with us! We all really look forward to it.

Two Frets Up were here to entertain us with their beautiful music. A lot of dancing and singing was going on. Our week also included sing-along in the Chapel where we enjoyed some of our favorite songs.

We finished off the week with Faith Services on Sunday and relaxing time to sit and watch some TV in the evenings. The residents also enjoyed getting visits from family and friends throughout the week.

Heritage of Elmwood Nursing Home in Elmwood, Wisconsin is a community-owned long-term care and short-term rehabilitation center.