Special Meals & Fun – Filled Week

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It’s been a fun-filled week.  We would like to thank Rick Traun for grilling some pork loin for a special meal for our residents.  The residents made homemade potato salad. We also enjoyed pickles, watermelon and an ice cream sandwich.

Two Frets Up was here for entertainment. There was a lot of singing and toe tapping.

We made homemade vanilla ice cream.  Boy, did it taste good.

In baking group, they were busy peeling potatoes and slicing up eggs for the potato salad.

Barb Cepek was here to lead bible class.  The blessing letter for the week was the letter C.  We would like to thank Barb for leading the class also for helping out with Catholic Mass.  Father Prince was here for Catholic Mass.

Bingo was played on Tuesday and Saturday with a game of blackout on Saturday.  We would like to thank Mike Weber for helping us out for Bingo.  We really appreciate it.  Thanks Mike. We would also like to thank the Alter & Rosary for helping out and furnishing the Bingo prizes on Tuesday.

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