Veterans Honored with Flag Pins

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Eau Claire – They are the greatest generation who fought for our freedom in World War II, Korea and Vietnam. And senior veterans were honored on Veteran’s Day this year with a special ceremony. Human Resources Director and veteran Marine Corps Sergeant Bryan Bessa honored veterans with a special pin while wearing his uniform.

“I just wanted to honor the vets who sacrificed so much for our country and return the favor back to them and make sure that memory lasts into the future,” Bessa said.

Bessa spent Veteran’s Day traveling to senior care facilities in Eau Claire, Mondovi, Menomonie, Prairie Farm and Elmwood in his dress blue uniform to meet dozens of veterans and give them special flag pins.

“I look forward to this every year. It’s one of the best opportunities for me to interact with other veterans and hear their stories and shake hands with them and thank them for their service.”

Statistics show about 640 World War II veterans pass away every day and Bessa says now is the time to honor our servicemen and women.002-1

Sgt. Bryan Bessa served in the U.S. Marine Corps between 2002 and 2010 and was deployed twice to Iraq while on active duty.

Bessa added, “We want their legacy to live on, and whether it’s family members or the community to understand that they dedicated and sacrificed a lot for the safety of all of us and and it’s an important thing to remember.”


Heritage of Elmwood Nursing Home in Elmwood, Wisconsin is a community-owned long-term care and short-term rehabilitation center.