Yummy Culvers Treats

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We enjoyed a lunch outing to Culvers in Menomonie! The food was excellent and so was the service. It was a great day to enjoy a bus ride and even better with full bellies.

Thank you to Barb Cepek who led Bible class. In baking group, they made rhubarb upside-down cake and banana bread.Yum!

During the week we played Flippo, shuffleboard and Bingo. Bingo was played on Tuesday and Saturday.

We did some reminiscing on Thursday. We talked about different types of wine, such as gooseberry and dandelion wine.

The Rosary was said followed by Catholic Mass with Father Admir.

We tried to have a gazebo get together, but weather was just a little chilly. We ended up inside and had a get together with some ice cream instead!

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